Best Pillow

Best Pillow

Do you wake up in the morning and your neck hurts? Do you feel as if you toss and turn every night? Well this could all be as a result of your pillow!

With so many different types of pillows now on the market, people are finding selecting the right pillow quite an overwhelming task. There are polyester pillows, feather pillows, contoured pillows, water pillows, and even bambillos (bamboo pillows)! The range of pillows is huge and this can make choosing one difficult.

My overriding opinion on what the best pillow is for you, is the one which allows you to wake up feeling comfortable and well rested. Unfortunately, it is doubtful there will ever be a service that allows you to demonstrate pillows overnight – you may endure some expense through trial and error. After much sampling over the years on my own however, I have found an excellent option. The Sleep Made-to-Measure pillow is the first truly custom made contoured pillow. These pillows take your height, weight, sleeping position and style of mattress into account. This information is then used to calculate the amount of pressure/weight that is being applied to the pillow. The contoured shape allows your head and neck to be fully supported, keeping your spine well aligned and relieving any pressure through out the body.

Normal pillows do not take these factors into account. If your pillow is cannot support with the weight of your head adequately whilst being congruent with the dimensions of your neck and shoulders, the muscles in this region of your body may remain unnecessarily contracted throughout sleep. This can lead to tossing and turning throughout the night to relieve this uncomfortable sleeping position.

Furthermore, these pillows have taken the environment into account. They are 100% certified organic latex, free of chemical fertilizers, carbon neutral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and allergy and mite-proof.

To order a Sleep Made-to Measure pillow you will first need the special measuring kit called the Neck Compression Index Ruler (NCi). Your practitioner may have one of these, alternatively you can watch the video below. This ruler is used to measure the distance between the side of your head and the edge of your shoulder, and the distance between the top of your shoulder and the top of your head. This accompanies a short questionnaire about your sleeping habits and the style of mattress you are using. The information is sent to the head office and people usually receive their new pillow within two weeks.

I have been using a sample Sleep Made-to Measure pillow in my practice and many of my patients have commented on its comfort, albeit only for a short time during consultation. I have also been using my own custom Sleep Made-to Measure pillow for over three months now. I find it to be extremely comfortable and have been impressed with how well the pillow maintains its shape. It shows no signs of losing its resilience and I am certain it will last for a lengthy period.

If you are interested in this product please contact the practice on (02) 9922 6116 today! I’m off to bed now, goodnight.

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